the simple cleanse
28 days to a healthy well-nourished life
finally... a proven step-by-step system 
to cleanse your body using only real food 
to help you feel better than you ever have
(That is not a just a quick fix)
toxins on a daily basis
It is undeniable that we exist in a toxic environment. Every chemical we encounter is toxic at certain doses. And over time these chemicals have a way of building up in our bodies causing illness, disease, hormonal imbalance and weight gain. 

This also gives us plenty of reasons why we should want to “cleanse” our bodies and “detox.” To get rid of what's holding up our weight loss, keeping us inflammed and hijacking our energy, preventing true and lasting health. 

If you're suffering from feeling sluggish in the afternoons, have an intense need for sugar or struggle to lose the last few pounds that never seem to budge, cleansing could be just what your body needs. 

Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma with cleanses. Your view varies depending on how you’ve experienced it. And I’m guessing if it’s a negative view then you’ve really come close and personal with suffering the aftermath of some cleanses on the market. 

BFF’s with your toilet anyone? 

Fortunately, that experience wasn’t what a true cleanse is intended to provide. Or at least not what The Simple Cleanse will provide. 

Let’s put the necessary spin on cleanse because if I’m guessing more than being BFF’s with your toilet is you really just want a fresh start, a reset. A place to regroup and take your body back to the foundation only to build it back up with real nourishment. 
It's time to 
detox like a boss
i created an easy way to determine if this course is made for you. 
simply answer yes or no to the following questions..,

     Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners?
     Do you drink caffeine {coffee} to make it through the day?
     Do you have food cravings {especially sweets or salty foods}?
     Do you have digestive issues like gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, etc?
     Do you have trouble sleeping?
     Do you have hormonal imbalances or PMS or menstrual symptoms?
     Do you have excess inflammation including sore muscles and stiff joins?
     Do you have low energy and/or fatigue?
     Do you suffer from brain fog?
     Do you have weight that you can not lose no matter what you've tried?
If you answered YES to more than four questions you need to cleanse your body and
The Simple Cleanse is for you. 
start at any level
One feature of The Simple Cleanse that is unlike any other is the ability to choose your level. No matter if you're entirely new to nutrition or a health maven, there is a level that will suit you, push you and help you feel better without overtaking your life. Inside the course is a quiz to help you determine which level to start at. Here is a brief look at all three levels. 
Level one is the most basic level. It is a good starting point for those who are new to nutrition and health or just want a quick pick-me-up. Those who have no real health complaint but just want a quick tune-up. 
Level two is focused on inflammation. It takes into account a few more food substitutions and lifestyle changes. This is the most preferred detox level and is a good place to push yourself into a new lifestyle. 
Level three is the most advanced level. It is designed for those suffering with autoimmunity or have other severe symptoms they would like to find relief from. It is also a good place for those who already live a healthy lifestyle but want an advance tune-up.
how is the simple cleanse different?
The difference between traditional cleanses and The Simple Cleanse is how we look at cleansing. 

Traditional cleanse diets work to gain quick dumping and weight loss done by restriction, deprivation and quite possibly a nasty shake or two. In most cases, they take out, you feel really fantastic, but they forget to build you back up. 

That’s where the Simple Cleanse comes in. 

The Simple Cleanse is a system that helps you cleanse all while building the foundation to restore your body back to how it was designed. I like to think of it as zooming out on your health. Looking at the entire picture, not just a small system of health. To take into account the health of your mind, soul, relationships, exercise regimen and of course your nutrition. 

To create a simple and yet nourished life you can sustain. 

That’s the power of the Simple Cleanse, taking proven mechanisms for proper detoxification while building the foundation on lasting health. Working to create the environment your body needs to cleanse itself. 

this course works because it allows your body
to do what it was designed to do
if you're wondering how you'll revolutionize your diet, 
here's a sneak peek of what's in store. 
The Simple Cleanse is a 28-day online course. Inside, you will find lessons on why you need to cleanse, how to make it work for you and creating a long-term plan to reach your health goals. All of the content inside the course can be streamed to your computer or phone so you can watch whenever is best for you.

Here's what you'll achieve: 
  • RELEASE TOXINS: Which have caused inflammation leading to soreness, stiffness, and headaches. 
  • ELIMINATED CRAVINGS: Whether caffeine, salt or sugar this program will help diminish your need for these foods.
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Increasing your vitality and decreasing your chances of getting sick. 
  •  IMPROVE DIGESTION: Decreasing gas and bloating and evening out your stools to normal. 
  • PROPERLY ABSORB NECESSARY NUTRIENTS: Increasing digestion helps to better absorb the vital nutrients you need.
  •  IMPROVE METABOLISM PERFORMANCE: Creating an efficient metabolism means burning more fat rather than storing it. 
  • INCREASED ENERGY AND ALERTNESS: Through the right nutrients and increased metabolism you will have more lasting energy all day long. 
  •  RESET YOUR HORMONES: The communication signals of the body are reset through this program helping your entire system to feel more nourished. 
  • ENHANCED YOUR MOOD: Through grounding, resting and tuning in you will help to establish a healthier mind pattern to experience more joy. 
  •  SELF-LEARNING: Taking a deep dive into who you are and how your body functions you will regain the relationship with your health so you can continue to feed it and nourish it the way it needs. 
  • LASTING HEALTH: Throughout the 28-days you will learn principals that you can establish for life allowing you to live free from food and diets and in-tuned to the health of your body. 
here's what you'll get
member's area
You will gain instant digital access to the members-only section of the Simple Cleanse website. In here you will be able to access ALL of the course material, your video lessons, download your guides and bonuses. This will be the central location to gain access to everything you need to be successful in this program.
the program guide
Your guide to the Simple Cleanse includes information to help you understand why, when and how to detoxify your body naturally. It also includes instructions for each of the three phases of the program and gives you keys to success in choosing the right level of the program for you. It also includes specific instructions on the basics of reintroduction to help you transition after the cleanse is over.
video teaching lessons
These video lessons will cover three different topics, including my best tips on the three levels in the program and which one is right for you. You'll also learn the science behind why we need to detoxify our body, how your body's detoxification pathways work and the approach this program takes to help your body detoxify.
meal plans
You won't be confused about what to eat with my monthly meal plan, I lay the foundation in helping you understand how well you (and your family) can eat on this program. It is meant to guide and inspire you to create your own realistic meal plan for your life. It also includes over 20 meal ideas to allow you to be creative and make this program as realistic as possible for you.
We have given you over 90+ recipes to give you numerous recipes to make the most of this program and most importantly be well fed. All of the recipes include real, wholesome delicious ingredients to help you find success. Even your spouse and kids will enjoy these healthy recipes. It includes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as juices, smoothies and snacks.
habit formation guide
How do we develop a lasting habit? By recognizing the change that needs to be made, setting a goal and sticking with it. This guide will help you to find your way through the program by giving you actionable steps to help you develop lasting habits. This program is not a quick-fix and this guide is essential to helping you develop this into a lasting lifestyle change.
daily emails
Get a daily email from me during the entire 28-day program. In these emails, I will give you some meal planning tips, encouragement to keep going and some recipe ideas that you can easily follow in a pinch. This will help you stay motivated and encourage you to stay on track during your journey in this program.
cheat sheets
Need a quick printable to hang up on your fridge or at work as a reminder? We've put together over 10 quick, printable guides that contain easily actionable things that you'll have access to wherever you are. No more searching for that missing information, it's all easily accessible on these cheat sheets.
maintenance guide
Once you finish your 28-day cleanse, this guide will help you evaluate your results and begin to formulate a plan to transition into your new healthy habits for good. We want to make sure that you continue to feel the benefits of the cleanse long after it is over and this guide is essential to helping you achieve that.
private community
You'll also get access to a private group ONLY for members of The Simple Cleanse to help you go through this journey together. If you have ANY questions or you are looking for a great place to talk about your successes or want to find some accountability, this is the place for that. If you're ever stuck, just ask and your peers will help answer questions and give you the inspiration you need on your journey!
three different levels
The different levels allow you to pick on that meets you right where you are at. While they will all push you, in order to develop life long habits a realistic plan is essential. Choosing a level or a combination of levels and sticking with that will help you to make the small changes, feel and see the difference and create habits surrounding these. 
100% digital access
You will get access to the members-only section of the Simple Cleanse. Here is where you'll be able to access ALL of the course material, videos and downloads. Everything is broken down into short, digestible lessons that help you learn, implement, and take action without being overwhelmed. You’ll get access to videos, our program guide, your recipes, cheat sheets and more and have access to them 24/7 to take the training at your own pace.
what people are saying about the simple cleanse...
“At first, I didn’t know where to start but Alexa’s continual guidance and support helped me to decrease my sugar cravings, improve my sleep quality, get rid of my brain fog and have more energy. I LOVED the Simple Cleanse!”
- Feryl York, Mrs. Iowa USA
“Through the leadership of Alexa, the clean eating habits I have developed have changed my view of food forever. I’ve lost 9 pounds and cut caffeine out of my daily routine and had more energy than ever before."

- Phillip E.
“The program was just the “jumpstart” I needed. The program guidelines were clear, the encouragement was really helpful and the recipes were delicious. As a lifetime “dieter” I am relieved to follow a program that doesn’t depend calories. I am enjoying real food and instead of craving the wrong things I am craving really healthy foods!"
- Sandy L.
“I knew that the food I was eating and the habits I had gotten into were not healthy, but I didn’t know how to change it. This cleanse was the best way to get on the right track. I no longer crave sugar and I feel full after eating healthier meals. I have more energy and want to be active. I am glad I chose to do this and make some positive changes.”
- Colton W.
"My husband has lost over 20 lbs and I’m over 10. My clothes fit better than they have in years and more importantly I feel better than I have in a long time. Better energy, less achiness. AND my headaches are completely gone!!!! I am actually craving healthy food these days!!! Who knew that could ever happen!!!
- Diane L.
 "I am down over 15 pounds and love the freedom of not counting points. I'm not in any hurry to make any changes to what you've taught me in this program.
- Mary S.
"This program was really great. I definitely felt amazing and is something I will continue to equip myself for so that I can continue to live this way. The trick, I think, is arming yourself with an abundance of cleanse approved recipes so that it becomes second nature instead of like a "diet"."
- Chantel C.
"I feel so much better on the Simple Cleanse. I did lose some weight, but more importantly, my husband and I were able to enjoy the good recipes that Alexa provided. My husband even gave up pop, chips, cookies and even milk and was surprised how well he felt."
- Bonnie S.
develop lasting, nourishing routines that are realistic for you inside this program.
hey there!
I'm Alexa Schirm your realistic friend and nutritionist - making health work for you!
I've spent over 12 years studying nutrition and have completely transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others by eating really delicious and nutritious wholesome food. Given that I'm a 2 on the Enneagram scale, meaning I thrive off helping others, I couldn't leave this information to myself. 

Like you, I used to question why and when health got so out of hand but stuck to my gut telling me it's not meant to be this difficult. That you can live an enjoyable life and a healthy one at the same time. 

Maybe it's the rebel in me coming out, but life is meant for much more than just diets, what size jeans you wear and the number looming back at you on the scale. My job is to help you understand how your body works and how to nourish it well by creating contagious confidence and energy that radiates throughout all of your life. 

Do you feel where I am going? 
A realistic life change that you actually enjoy. 

My approach is to lay the foundation and teach you to learn to listen to your body so you can transform your life to fit your unique health code. I created this course to do just that. To help cleanse your body, nourish it all while introducing health routines you can establish for life. I'm so excited you're here and can't wait to get to know you inside the course. 
sign me up!
what will it cost me?
The Simple Cleanse was developed to heal your body and create change that lasts a lifetime. It's more than just a diet program, it's a full life detox to help you cleanse your body, your environment, and your mind and step into lasting health. You will be amazed at the This 28-day program is complete with four guides, teaching videos, private Facebook page, personal access to me. What's even better, you have the plan for life. The total value of the course is $299.00 but...
You can get started TODAY with our for just one payment of $59.99 (normally $99.99).
P.S. I guarantee you’ll love it or I’ll buy it back from you. Because more than another program I want this to be a life change that really means something to you. Will you join me? 
join the simple roots tribe
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get healthy. live happy. find joy.
Can I access The Simple Cleanse from any computer or mobile device?
Yes, this course will be available to you wherever you are with an internet connection. You'll also have the ability to download all of the pdf guides and cheat sheets to have access to at all times. The program is designed to be there for you right when you need it.
Will I lose weight on this program?
Most likely yes, although that is not a focus of this program. This 28-day program is to help convert your body's fuel sources to rely more heavily on fat adaption. To cleanse your body by simply changing what your body burns. Through this and the change in eating you may notice weight loss on the program.
Are the recipes complicated, require expensive ingredients, or take a long time to prepare?
No, no, no. 90% of the recipes in this program take less than 20 minutes to make and require only everyday ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. The other 10% are recipes that can be placed in your slow cooker. Let’s be honest, there is no better feeling than coming home from a long day at work only to have supper ready and waiting.
Why are there no supplements used in this program?
This program emphasizes supporting the bodies natural detoxification pathways as opposed to detoxifying for it. Ultimately the body knows far more about what is happening internally than we do. It wants to be healthy, it wants to clean house, we need to support the process of this through the elimination of toxins and an increase of nutrients to allow for maximum healing during the cleanse and in months and years to come.
Can I take my regular supplements/medication during the program?
Because this cleanse is entirely based on the introduction of real, wholesome foods that support the natural detoxification pathways of the body it should be okay to continue your medications during the program. However, because the liver is metabolizing your medications, it is advised that you speak with your health care professional before beginning.
How do i stick to the program when eating away from home?
The habit formation guide has a full explanation of how to eat away from home on the cleanse. The biggest advice is to plan, plan, plan and eat the foods that are as close to the natural form as possible.
Can i complete this program while pregnant or lactating?
It is not recommended that you do any purification, detoxification or cleanse while pregnant or lactating. Our breasts, milk supply, is a pathway in which we can rid toxins. Therefore, it is not recommended to complete this while lactating as those toxins can then be transferred from your milk to baby. Wait to complete the program until you are no longer pregnant and have finished breastfeeding.
Is this compatible with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?
While animal proteins are the primary source of protein on this purification program, you can complete this if you are a vegetarian or vegan. In the program guide, I share some great sources of protein that suits your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.
I’m worried I won’t have time to follow the meal plan as instructed. Should I bother with the program?
Yes! While the cleanse may seem complex, it really is laid out in a simple way with great tasting food. We are here to provide you with meal ideas, but I encourage you to pick a few of the meals provided or create your own, developing a schedule that works for you. Get yourself into a routine and stick with it and it will make this process go smoothly.
What if I can't start right now? Should i sign up or wait?
Yes! You will have access to the entire program and materials at all times and will be able to start the program when it is most convenient for you. We will also have the option to "restart" the program and emails at any time.
are you ready to get your health back?
75+ Approved Recipes
Your body does not want to be sick or work against you. It wants to be healthy and the things it is doing is just to help show you whether it is in a good state or not. Your body is miraculous, with the amazing ability to heal and regenerate as long as you give it the right foods and avoid toxins.

The Simple Cleanse is a program for those who want to have sustained health outside of just a number. 

To feel good, look good and have the lasting confidence to continue making change. 

What you’ll experience on this program will be much different from what is out there. This program is not only focused on what you eat but also on what you put on your body and the lifestyle you live. It breaks it down into realistic actionable steps that you can use to personalize the program to fit your life. 

It's a family-friendly, realistic and delicious way to reach your goals. 

The goal of any cleanse program should be to feel better both physically and mentality and have a new zest for life. 

You can experience more energy, better mentality, more productivity, less aches and pains, reduction in annoying symptoms like PMS, menopause, headaches, acid reflux and more importantly how you can piece together a healthy life you love. 

Plus, most importantly you will understand how to take the things you learn in this program and continue to build on it to create a new normal with your life. Food is powerful medicine. Don't wait... join The Simple Cleanse today and experience the amazing benefits.
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