health made simple
"transform your relationship with health"

...and experience lasting energy, weight loss & a new outlook on life.

Are you ready for a new outlook on your health and find the answers to your body that you've been longing for? 

I believe health is just a simple shift away.

Inside this powerful new program, I'll share the secrets behind how your body works, teaching you the intended design and purpose so that you'll know exactly how to feel good, lose weight and gain energy.

This class is foundational in energizing your body in a way that will transform your health.

This foolproof, science-based system will break down my cutting edge information, helping you to understand your body in a new way and connecting it to the healing and transforming power of the mind and soul.
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"I'm the health expert you've been looking for...."
The one who cuts through the chaos and confusion and gets right to the root, providing truth and simplicity to help you live in health forever. 

With a degree in Nutrition and consulting with hundreds of clients, I know one thing; you're tired of another one-sized fit's all approach. You're tired of it being the same program taught 100 different ways. 

But I can promise you; this is anything but that. This is a class teaching you how to individualize your own program. To take your life and transform it into the life you desire by understanding exactly how your body works and how to provide for it. 

Trust me, you're in the right place! 

{ what people are saying }

"i cannot believe i almost didn't sign up for this class! Her teaching style and the presentation is far superior than what can be gained from a podcast."

"I have totally enjoyed & learned so much from the Health Made Simple class. For years I have been researching & learning about health but Alexa has definitely brought new & exciting information to each class. Concepts I likely would have overlooked in the past but I now know of their significance in the health of my body. Every class I am taking LOTS of notes so I can go back & reread as needed. I love that I can also go back & watch the class again. 
The classes are intended to be interactive & I am amazed at the knowledge that Alexa has about any subject addressed.
I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone that seeks to improve their health or struggles with health issues. You will not regret it!"    -Vicki M.


"What if you could easily make health who you are  
not just another thing you have to do?"


Here's what this class includes:
8 Live Classes
Learn from Alexa, Founder of Simple Roots Wellness and leading expert in Nutrition as she lays the foundational concepts for each week's class. 
She offers thought-provoking information, questions and challenges that will help transform your body and your relationship with your body.
8 Personalized Labs
Don't just learn but put it into action through personalized labs that take this from being just another ordinary system into a personalized experience just for you. 
Each class topic provides a lab to work on and explore during the off weeks. This is where the rubber meets the road and life change happens.
Access to an Exclusive Community
Inside this exclusive community you'll  receive access to my 
easy-to-navigate private community that will be your home base for the duration of class. 
A place to review materials, including video lessons, handouts, Q&A's and stay accountable with other members.

{ what people are saying }

"alexa flips the health industry upside down inside health made simple."

"It was enlightening to explore what health means for me on an individual level instead of just another diet and exercise plan. Alexa did a great job of guiding and encouraging me along in the process which focused on how the body actually works, improving my mindset, and creating healthy rhythms that work for my life.
After years of chasing, I finally I feel like I’m on the road to lasting health.
Alexa is down to earth and approachable. Her honesty and vulnerability are refreshing and so needed in the health industry today. Whatever your struggles and goals are, she has created a space that feels safe where health is obtainable.”  -Joni L.


Want a Sneak Preview of the curriculum in this  
state-of-the-art mind, body and soul experience?


Foundational Concepts on 
How Your Body was Designed
The first lesson will lay the groundwork of how your body works and why we were designed. This lesson points you precisely in the direction that lasting health lays. A few highlights include:
  • How to work with and understand what your body needs.
  • The big-picture view of what your body is working to accomplish.
  • A dive into how your body is currently functioning.
  • The intended design and purpose of your body.

Harnessing the Metabolic Power 
of Your Mind, Body and Soul

In this pivotal lesson, we'll take an in-depth look at what your metabolism is and what factors are influencing it. This includes a different perspective including your mind and your metabolism.
  • Defining a realistic weight goal + set point for your body.
  • Understanding your cravings and learning to trust them.
  • Transforming what your body does with what is provided. 
  • How to think yourself thin and creating body love practices that will lead to body freedom. 
Unleashing yourself from toxicity + Creating a story of health
It's time to re-invent how we approach health and our body issues. Inside this lesson, you learn different forms of hidden 'toxicity' in your life. I provide you practical approaches to nix it so you can move from surviving to thriving.
  • Understanding the role of inflammation in the body and how to move from survival mode to thriving.
  • Learn healthy food swaps that you actually enjoy.
  • Overcoming toxic thoughts of negativity and learning practices that make positivity stick. 
  • Simple practices to create a healthy mindset shift.
The Health Practices that matter more 
than just what you eat
It's time to stop fixating on the symptoms and go back to the source of healing. That is looking more in-depth into the how, when and why rather than the what. In this transformational lesson, you'll learn why the posture in which you come to the table matters more than what's on your plate. 
  • The role of parasympathetic and sympathetic mode and how to tap into the healing powers of your body.
  • How to turn off autopilot and walk into what makes you feel good.
  • The 3-step guide to changing the posture around how you eat. 
  • Rewriting what you think to rewrite what you do. 
Creating a Hormonal Breakthrough
Hormones may be one of the most confusing topics in the health industry - and yet they are a very simple yet critical function of the body. In this lesson, you'll learn what hormones are and how to harness the power through intricate biofeedback signals and seasonality.
  • Learn what your hormones are and how they work in a foundational new guide to resetting them.
  • Understanding your body's intricate biofeedback signals and what they mean.
  • The power of seasonality in your life and diet. 
  • How to trust your body, coming from a place of filling rather than fixing. 
The powerful of fascia on movement & hydration
Stop beating your body into submission, pushing it to the point of pain and instead learn how to move your body in a way that heals. Inside this lesson, we dive into the power of fascia and what this means for your activity level and hydration status.
  • Learn what fascia is and the role it plays inside the body. 
  • Understand how emotions are stored inside our cells and binding up our body, preventing good things from happening. 
  • Understand how fat is actually lost and the relation it has to our breath.
  • Digging into your purpose allowing health to be a part of you, not just what you have to do. 
Nutritional & Emotional Mastery
A deep look at healing and cleansing for your soul, body and mind and understanding how this re-centers ourselves to live in health. Creating a life of balance, allowing all things to work together and allowing space in your life to walk into complete healing and health. Inside this lesson you'll learn:
  • The power of deep-healing and cleansing.
  • How to reset your body through fasting.
  • The importance of not just food fasting but mental fasting. 
  • How to create healthy boundaries and rhythms that last. 
  • Understanding the power of energy outside of food and how to harness more of this. 
Writing your personal Nutrition Story
In our final session together, we'll integrate the lessons learned over this program and chart a new course for nourishing and inspiring a relationship with food, your body and everyone and everything around you. This is the start of forever on the journey of healthy living. Here are some highlights.
  • Finalizing the vision of a healthy you. 
  • The power of balance and connection - understanding when you need to recenter. 
  • Opening up to a life of growing and learning. 
  • The power of seasonality and using this as accountability.
  • Creating a personalized action plan to help you manage obstacles in the future. 
  • Embracing your new life of health, energy, and freedom. 


Most importantly:
I will show you how to do all of this without feeling overwhelmed or stuck!


I want you to feel inspired about your life and your relationship with food and your body. 

If that means putting your money where it counts, then why hold back? I believe that a happier inner world and a healthy body are foundational to abundance.
Invest in yourself with the commitment to succeed, and the payoff will be immeasurable.

class schedule

Classes to be held Monday evenings 
at 7:00 pm CST

{REPLAYS will be available for all missed classes}

  • JUNE 1st​
  • ​JUNE 8th
  • ​JUNE 22nd
  • ​JUNE 29th
  • ​JULY 13th
  • ​JULY 20TH
  • ​AUGUST 10TH
Health Made Simple Class


  • 8-LIVE 60 MINUTE LESSONS: Classes to be held online.
  • 8-Personalized Labs: To put into practice what you learn in each lesson, making it personalized for you.
  • 4 Live Accountability Sessions: Track your progress and get all of your questions answered in these live interactive sessions.
  • ​Exclusive Online Community: Stay accountable every day of the week with this online community, additional meal ideas, nutrition hacks and more. 

 VIP Option


  • 8-LIVE 60 MINUTE LESSONS: Classes to be held online.
  • 8-Personalized Labs: To put into practice what you learn in each lesson, making it personalized for you.
  • 4 Live Accountability Sessions: Track your progress and get all of your questions answered in these live interactive sessions.
  • ​Exclusive Online Community: Stay accountable every day of the week with this online community, additional meal ideas, nutrition hacks and more. 
  • ​​Personal Accountability Partner: Get one-on-one e-mails weekly with me during the duration of the course. I will help you take the information and make it personal and realistic for you to achieve. 
100% risk free guarantee
I am fully committed to helping you change your health and your life.
Try the entire program, if you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

Here’s why I offer this guarantee: I know this material works. I only want to develop the highest quality material based on real science and proven results. As you go through this program you’ll notice your mood, energy, and confidence begin to rise. You’ll feel more vibrant and energetic, with a clear mind. Yes, you will begin to lose weight and end cravings, but you’ll also begin to transform your health.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require you to submit all completed forms and meal plans from the first two weeks of the program. This means you must take action.
We know that if you follow the guidelines and take action, you will see results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then I'll personally give you your money back.

No questions asked.
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